Wakeup International - Case Study

Company’s Objective​

A Canadian team of coffee and tea experts came to Pakistan a few years back with recipes that change the conventional taste and essence of both tea and coffee. The recipe has inspired tens of thousands of locals who always stick with this specific brand.

A machine, called a ‘vending machine’, heats the mixture of tea and coffee and prepares them instantly. This incredible, delicious recipe is the secret USP of Wakeup International. This widespread and unique brand is known among tea and coffee enthusiasts. The company has set up their vending machines on various points, including Agha Khan University Hospital, Go Aish Park, Safari Park, Memon Hospital, Institute of Business Administration Karachi (IBA), The Great Fiesta Water Park, IQRA University, among others.

The team of Wakeup International decided to showcase their products and expertise via a website to all their existing and potential clients. They significantly had captured a majority of the market through their online presence using the website and digital marketing as powerful tools. This is where Horitech Solutions stepped in and helped them in the process. We built their website and are still running their digital marketing campaigns, which contributes to the tremendous growth and captures a wide range of commercial sales points in Karachi.

Check out the layout and design of the website below:

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