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If developers have skills in all areas and/or also in the area of software development, these all-rounders are among the so-called full-stack developers. In contrast to a web agency, full-service agencies also offer marketing measures such as off-page SEO, SEA (search engine advertising, the switching and placement of advertisements) or social media marketing in addition to the areas of competence mentioned above.

Web Development Tools

Depending on the area of web development, there are different tools for the development of websites, apps and other web-based products that are part of the standard tool of the department or that allow more efficient work as an add-on.

Tools for Conceptual Design


Wireframes can be used to create a visual guide for the website that establishes the scheme. A graphic framework is designed and the desired functions and menu items are positioned.


The equivalent for app development are so-called roadmaps, in which functional areas called epics, functions called tasks, user groups, also called types of users, and user needs, the user stories, are defined. Since apps are particularly dependent on user operation and input, solutions for all conceivable scenarios can be developed and specified here.

Tools for Programming

Fully Custom Website with PHP, HTML, Javascript


When it comes to programming, content management systems, or CMS for short, can help with website creation thanks to their user-friendly interface, which does not require in-depth programming knowledge. Examples of this are WordPress or Joomla, for online shops there are also CMS specifically tailored to e-commerce, such as PrestaShop, Drupal, Magento (now it is known as Adobe Commerce) or Shopware.


An uncomplicated website programming is with HTML, which is the syntax for the basic structure of a website and CSS, which defines the visual design, eg the color scheme and formalities for the font.

Programming Languages

With the help of programming languages, far more complex projects can be realized. Examples of website building are PHP, Java or JavaScript, Ruby and C#. For apps, the most common are Java, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, C, and C++.


Programming work can also be made easier by development frameworks, since these contain so-called libraries and frequently used commands. For example, Laravel, Angular.js or Symfony are ideal for creating websites.

Design Tools

Design tools for web development are as numerous as they are varied, but standard tools include image editing programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, as well as Adobe XD or other tools capable of creating wireframe or vector designs.

Collaboration Tools

Web development is rarely a solitary activity. There are various collaboration tools to make working in a team easier. There are a large number of them, especially for general projects, but Github, Squad or Jira, for example, are specially tailored to so-called code sharing.

Github is a browser-accessible hosting platform specialized in collaborating on software projects. Here up to thousands of web developers, but also developers in general, can work on a project, share their work progress and keep an overview of the code versioning.

Squad can also be accessed via the browser and is a code editor with an integrated chat program so that teams can work on code and communicate at the same time.

With Jira, development teams get a tool for project management and an error overview. This allows them to plan, track and release their project.

Project Planning Tools

Based on this, there are tools for project planning that include more than just programming. With tools like Asana, teams can create a project overview, distribute and check off tasks, use deadlines to meet deadlines and bring the project to completion on time.

Cloud and File Sharing

Cloud services help not only to store unlimited files without data loss, but also to be able to access them from anywhere and share them with other team members and edit them at the same time. Examples of this are Dropbox or OneDrive.


If the project planning or code sharing tool does not contain a messenger, communication about the work progress can take place via various messengers such as Skype, Slack or Stripe.


Tools such as Figma, FramerX or Adobe XD are ideal for creating web designs collaboratively.

Web Development Audience

The field of web development is an important topic for companies of all kinds, since the internet presence is indispensable nowadays. It is to be understood as a business card that gives (potential) customers a first impression.

In addition, web products strengthen customer loyalty and offer contact options via contact forms, setting up a newsletter or addressing new target groups through an attractive and modern website.

It is not uncommon for the website or an app to be the product itself, for example if there is no company or branch or a physical product.

When web development affects other digital products such as automation or digitization, it can streamline and simplify internal and external operations for employees and/or customers.

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Horitech Solutions is a Website and Application Development agency in the heart of Karachi, D.H.A, and specializes in all forms of web development. Using the latest technologies, we develop state-of-the-art websites and apps that meet today’s requirements and expectations. In addition, we offer other services such as web design, hosting, monitoring and maintenance or take over the support and management of portals. For small and medium-sized companies, but also for start-ups with a small budget, we can become a long-term IT partner, for example within the framework of Code for Equity .

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