8 Reasons Why You Should Focus on SMS Marketing in 2022

SMS marketing in times of social media ? We say YES and explain exactly the answer in this article!

Each of us carries it with us every day. Whether in our trouser pocket, handbag or backpack – the smartphone has become our faithful companion and helps us to communicate with our friends, to order our lunch or to find the fastest possible way to our destination.

So it’s no wonder that the majority of cell phone users constantly check their cell phone for new messages, calendar entries and calls – without the smartphone making a sound at all.

Use this high level of attention for your marketing. We will tell you why the SMS belongs in every marketing mix and how you can take your business straight to the finish line with 160 characters.

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8 reasons why SMS marketing is great

Similar to email marketing, SMS marketing allows you to create a direct and personal relationship with your customers.

You might be wondering, “Why should I send SMS when I already email my customers?”. The answer to that is quite simple: use both! Address your customers both by e-mail and by SMS and thus pursue a holistic marketing strategy.

Not quite convinced yet? Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t give up mobile marketing.

Advantage #1: Real-time message delivery

Just a few moments after an SMS campaign has been sent, the recipients’ end devices light up, vibrate and ring.

SMS Marketing Services in Karachi

90% of people can hardly wait and already take a look at their smartphone in the first 3 minutes after receiving the notification. So you can certainly assume that the majority of your recipients will notice the message.

In other words: Whether you want to inform your customers about a time-limited offer or the shipping status of their order, you can reach your contacts quickly and easily with an SMS !

Advantage #2: High open rates

As mentioned above, it is common for cell phone messages to be opened within seconds of receipt.

Even more amazing, the open rate of SMS messages is an incredible 98%. Yes, you read it right!

SMS marketing connections and contacts

For comparison: The opening rate for e-mails is on average 20-30%.

Advantage #3: With SMS marketing you can reach your target group everywhere

We’re always on the go. And one thing that of course shouldn’t be missing: our mobile phone! Take advantage of this and communicate even better and more directly with your customers, wherever they are.

Around 97% of adults in Karachi own a smartphone. And at 160 characters, SMS messages are the perfect way to wrap your messages into bite-sized chunks that resonate with your audience.

Advantage #4: Delivery rate and engagement are easy to analyze

SMS marketing is extremely reliable. Still, it’s important to regularly track the deliverability of your campaigns.

A good SMS service will give you real-time results for each campaign. From this you can see how many people have received your SMS and how many have unsubscribed or how many messages were not even delivered to their mobile devices.

In addition, you can use shortened links (e.g. with bit.ly) to create trackable and branded links for your SMS campaigns. This means you can track every step of your campaigns and transactions.

Advantage #5: Text messages are personal

Anonymous mass address? That was once. Nowadays it is more and more important to establish a personal connection to customers. This also applies to SMS marketing.

SMS marketing

Horitech Solutions offers you the possibility to personalize your SMS messages and tailor them to the needs of your potential customers and buyers.

Send specific links and content tailored specifically to your customers and build a personal bond.

Advantage #6: SMS campaigns are cost effective

SMS messaging is not only a fast, but with a provider like Horitech Solutions is also a cheaper way to reach your customers.

This makes SMS marketing very attractive, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Advantage #7: Valuable for emerging markets

If your business operates in countries where data is expensive and Wi-Fi is less common, you can use SMS to communicate faster and more effectively there.

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Advantage #8: SMS closes the gap in email marketing

While email and SMS have many similarities as marketing channels, they work best as a complement to one another.

While SMS is better for real-time notifications, email is better for in- depth content.

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