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It's an excellent decision to outsource your mobile app development services. Hire a team of skilled developers to create a mobile app that will engage your clients and help your company expand.

Why to Have a Mobile Application for Your Brand or Business?

Developing an exceptional mobile app allows you to reach out to new consumer groups and acquire a competitive advantage in the mobile development services industry. Because the mobile industry is so competitive (and only getting more so), it’s critical that development work be preceded by a comprehensive examination of the user requirements and targeted market. In this way we make sure that our customers’ mobile apps reach the product/service market suitability they seek rapidly.

Should You Use Mobile App For Your Brand?

Become Innovative

Demonstrate that you are a forward-thinking and trend-setting organization that enjoys experimenting with new technology. To stay ahead of the competition, you must adapt to shifting the trends and conditions of the market.

Verify Product Idea

Create a minimum viable product (MVP) for your mobile app to verify your company idea, gain early user feedback, and secure funding from investors.

Gain new clients

To attract new client groups to your organization, create a functioning and beautiful mobile app. You may develop lucrative partnerships by relying on trustworthy mobile technology.

Respond to customer needs

Everyone owns a smartphone and enjoys carrying it around and using it often. Create an app that is easily available from any device to adapt your goods to your clients.

inspire customers

Help your targeted and relevant audience find solution of their problem by developing a mobile app. Create a featured-rich application with a user-friendly interface that will keep customers engaged.

Connect online and offline

If you have a physical location for your business, you can now use a custom-made app to improve your clients' experience. It blurs the barriers between online and offline, allowing you to boost earnings and innovate.

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Android App Development in Karachi

What App Development Platforms Do We Use?

Since Horitech Solutions has a team of full-stack developers in Karachi, who provides services not only in Karachi, but also in the USA, they know what it takes to create an exceptional Mobile App, regardless of what compatibilities and configurations clients want. Precisely, our developers are able to provide both Android and iOS App development services.

Major Mobile App Development Platforms in which our full-stack developers use are:

  • Flutter, 
  • React Native,
  • Xamarin,
  • Ionic
  • Among others.

Extensive Features of App Development Services

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Exclusive Mobile App Development Services

App Design for Mobile

UI design and UX design is a vital part in development of mobile app. Because of the small screen sizes of mobile devices, the user interface’s navigation, layout, and architecture are very critical when creating a user-friendly app. That’s why we always begin mobile app development with a review of UX demands and the creation of user interfaces.

Android App Development

As seen by the ever-increasing number of Android devices, Android is frequently used and popular operating system in the Mobile manufacturing industry. Utilize our Android programming experience to create a user-friendly app. Our development and design teams have experience developing Android applications for a variety of niches and have the necessary expertise to ensure the success of our mobile app development.

iOS App Development

Our mobile app development teams generate programmes for iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad. We’ve built a lot of iOS apps that are both practical and feature-rich and provide a wonderful user experience. Entrust us with the creation of your app for iOS.

Mobile App Tests

Mobile apps must offer a consistent user experience in order to be effective. Users will be frustrated by malfunctions and problems, and some will remove the program from their smartphones. That is why it is critical to thoroughly test mobile apps prior to their release. Take use of our mobile app testing expertise to verify that the product delivered to you has no bug and ready to launch.

Mobile App Development at Horitech Solutions

Partner with Horitech Solutions for Your Mobile App Development Project

Horitech Solutions has the essential digital product development ability and experience. We’d be delighted to assist you in getting your idea off the ground. You may be confident that outsourcing your mobile app development and design is an appropriate and profitable decision, thanks to our tried-and-true techniques.

Technology is always the most important consideration.

It is feasible to develop secure and high-quality applications that provide a supreme user experience using the correct strategies.

Our Mobile App Development process

Email us with your concept or attach specification docs, wireframes, and mockups. We’ll respond to your inquiries and propose our preliminary ideas within 1 working day. We’ll then meet face-to-face to discuss your app idea in more detail. If meeting in person isn’t possible, we’ll gladly meet you through Skype or Hangouts.

We determine the precise cost and time required to bring your concept to existence once our staff has acquired all necessary information regarding your project. We estimate the time to construct each feature independently in our estimate. The hourly rate is then multiplied by dedicated working hours. 

Our staff, on average, produces more than a report. Additional editions come with more features that we think you’ll find useful in your project.

There is no fee for the cost estimation and quotation.

Before the meeting, we will request that you give all necessary papers, including wireframes, UX and UI design, and product specs. Our specialists will ask you a few questions regarding your company concept during the meeting to obtain clear understanding of your objectives.

One of our specialists, who is quite knowledgeable in this field, joins the discussion.

A management consultant is frequently consulted at this point by most software development firms.

We have a good idea of how you want your app to function. The developed app flow must now be expressed in the form of user interface. Our expert UI designer will provide you guidance on the visual design of your app based on their experience, project needs, and UX insights. If you like the visual style, our designer will start working on the user interface right away.

If you want to engage with our app development company, we’ll create a wireframe-based UX design for you. These wireframes aid our team in identifying and eliminating any flaws in the product concept before moving on with development.

We collaborate with you in this phase. This will allow you to become acquainted with all of your application’s possible use cases. We can proceed to the next stage when you have approved the final Wireframes version.

Now it’s time for our development team to get to work! Each project is broken down into segments that take 1.5 to 2 weeks each. You’ll get a sample version of the app’s features generated so far after each round. You may offer us feedback by clicking through the demo app. We’ll give you a quotation and continue on to the next section if you’re satisfied with the outcome.

You can trust that our staff will always provide you with the most current code, including integration and product testing.

Furthermore, we will provide you with a report detailing all project revisions.

We can amend the project before giving you the invoice in case of any reservation or want further modifications.

Searching For A Reliable Mobile App Development Agency To Outsource Your Project?

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