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As A Google Ads Certified (PPC) Agency, We Are The Ones Who Assure You 100% Success Rate in Your PPC Campaigns.

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S.M.A.R.T Strategies

We use certain strategies to stand out our clients' businesses from the rest. No matter what your preferences are, our 7-years of experienced Google Ad executives know the tactics to design full-proof exceptional Google PPC campaigns.

Less Investment
More Revenue

Using various strategies and tactics, our marketers and designers know what to create to grab the audience's attention. However, we carefully design the ads in a way to filter out the most relevant audience that relates directly to your business, resulting in less investment and more sales.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Since we believe and work on the basis of client retention, we can't compromise on our services. Double your profit with a little investment is the only weapon we have to compel our clients to stay in touch with us forever.

Running Google Ad, Pay-Per-Click Campaign Isn't As Easy As It Seems.
It Requires Competitive Research with Business Instincts That We Possess.

Want To Turn Your Business To A Giant Organization? Premium Google Ads PPC Agency Is Right Here At Your Disposal!

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Running Google PPC Advertisement is a time-consuming, ever-revolving, and complex method of online advertising. Operating and managing Google Ad Campaigns yourself can be a disaster, draining all your money out of your pocket. Therefore, the revenue-centric strategy at Horitech Solutions can guarantee you a profitable ROI.

Our team consists of some of the most excellent graphic designers and conversion rate optimization specialists in the industry. We offer everything you need to convey your message to the relevant audience and make your website a success. We know how to develop a great user experience.

You’d Love Your ROI, But Love Horitech Solutions Even More.

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Horitech Solutions' Secret Google Ad PPC Services & Tools

Keyword research is the initial and most important part of the Google Ad campaigns since the entire campaign’s relevancy, appearance, and lead generation depend on a keyword selection strategy. And, we are experts in sorting out the keywords for every business. 

Reporting the Google Ads analytics is the client’s fundamental right. We run advertising campaigns simultaneously with reporting the data analytics to the clients. 

We don’t believe in running ad campaigns keeping our eyes close. We use retrieved data from Google Ads and move with A/B split testing. This methodology gives us a clear picture of winning ads, meaning the ads that engage the audience most. Sequentially, we scale up for improving ROI keeping the client in loop.

As elaborate before, we always keep an eye on running campaigns, leveraging maximum performance out of it. However, user-behavior and engagement rate shows a proper screen, according to which we modify some aspects of the running Google PPC campaigns. Continuous monitoring turns out to be the profitable and successful PPC campaigns. 

Retargeting or remarketing Google Ads campaign particularly demonstrates ads to the relevant audience who previously have interacted with your ads but didn’t take action that time. Retargeting certain audience with Google’s AI Advertising platform is intensively profitable at a low cost.

We Use Google's Specific Approaches To Reach Your Audience

Horitech Solutions makes strategies according to the approaches offered by Google Inc. These approaches are the ways of advertisement Google offers to reach relevant audience according to the marketing objectives. Here are some of the approaches we use:

Google AdWords PPC Search Ads

While SEO takes three to six months to appear on search results, Google AdWords (Search Ads) paid advertisements instantly show up your website, products, services with a relevant keyword on Google searches. People can easily and rapidly find you on SERPs.

Google PPC- SEO Pic

Google Display Advertisement

Google Display Ad feature enables brands to get exposure to people interested in your product, service, or industry. Google Display Network targets maximum people, almost 88% of people of the specific region, via millions of websites worldwide, including YouTube, Gmail, among others.

Remarketing Advertisement

Remarketing advertisements display ads to people who have already interacted with your website. Retargeting them can result in tremendous revenue generation, and your business stays on top of their minds. CPC (cost-per-click) is lower than normal Google PPC ad campaigns, bringing you back a profit almost double the investment.

E-Commerce Ad – Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns bring you huge traffic to your e-commerce store, website, and local store.

Our Approach For
Google PPC Ad Campaign Management

Want To Turn Your Business To A Giant Organization? Premium Google Ads PPC Agency Is Right Here At Your Disposal!

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