Ghost Writing Universe - Case Study

A Brief History About the Brand

Ghost Writing Universe was established back in 2020, targeting the most demanding market in the US to cater to all needs of the writers and authors. The brand is now renowned among researchers, famous publishers, and book writers since the brand provides exceptional writing services to those who want to publish their Ebook and leave a mark in the industry. The expert writers at Ghost Writing Universe are award-winning writers and successfully have published hundreds of bestselling Ebooks.

Horitech Solutions has helped them create a platform that represents their organization and expertise and brings new clients using SEO as a tool. The marketing tactic is not limited to SEO, Horitech Solutions crafted a business model as a sales funnel and implemented it successfully that generates relevant and quality traffic. In addition, Google Ads (PPC campaigns) is also one of the essential tools that generate sales and revenue. CSRs (Customer Sales Representatives) help potential customers to convert and get high-quality writing services.
Check out their Website Design below that will surely inspire you and compel you to work with Horitech Solutions:

Website Design of Ghost Writing Universe

Home Screen Web Design of Ghost Writing Universe

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