Qualities of Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Karachi

What does digital marketing means in general is different than the actual significance of digital marketing. It doesn’t only mean to run paid Facebook ad campaign (boosting the post), run Google PPC or YouTube video advertisements. A professional digital marketing company must focus on branding, increasing organic visibility, leaving their entity on various third-party platforms where big giants search engines and various algorithms consider that specific brand to be reliable. People talking about a specific brand makes a perfect and confirmed success of the business.

Example of a Brand

For instance, there is a brand, named “XYZ”, and this brand sells organic pure honey. Making a website for XYZ brand, Facebook page, or YouTube channel doesn’t fulfill a requirement for that business to be a successful. Everything a business needs is sales, sales comes from the marketing and marketing is a combination of various strategies where content plays a major role.

In this era, 2023 and 2024, making a banner poster to post on Facebook page and boosting it doesn’t create a reliability from user’s perspective. Bringing users or traffic should not be the goal anymore now. The aim should focus on making places in potential customers’ mind. Whenever they need honey, they should recall their memory and a name “XYZ” must appear in their minds.

Steps Digital Marketing Agencies Take to Create Brand Visibility All Around the Web

Although it is essential to have a website of your brand or business along with Social Media Pages and YouTube channel, brand can’t last for a long time without creativity and engaging content. Therefore, entrepreneurs must go ahead and outsource their website design and development project to a professional digital marketing agency who have good portfolio and has capabilities to create dynamic website with engaging content.

A digital marketing agency should be a one-stop solution for all your digital needs, i.e. developing website, App, taking care of App development, UI/UX, graphics design and stock items, SEO services and branding, and expert PPC campaign management and Social Media Ad campaigns handling.

When it comes to Horitech Solutions, we offer all these services and also provide video creation, shooting, advertisement (DVC) services. Feel free to contact us via contact us page or dialing directly 0344-2331081.

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Let’s list down essential steps to start branding and marketing:

  • According to our professional and experience marketing team, the first step is the create a website with relevant keywords and images, animation (if client asks), Lottie features also works good in making a website more engaging.
  • Just after the website is created, let the SEO guys take care of the keyword research and implement them in all website pages strategically. SEO specialists must consider using the alt tag for every graphical item.
  • If client is conscious about video-graphical content, explainer videos and running professionally YouTube channel, there should be a YouTube video embedded on the home page explaining about the business operations, teams and services. It is better to talk about the public reviews if client already has customers. Make sure the YouTube channel is already created and the video must be embedded on the website from client’s YouTube Channel. It is not a good idea to upload video directly on the website because it can make website heavy and run slow. Embedding YouTube video helps getting a link juice to client’s YouTube channel.
  • Create Social Media Pages, Integrate Search Console, and Google Analytics. These tools are completely free to use and they help gauge website traffic, keywords, visibility, traffic sources and regions. They also help analyze the conversion rate and bounce back rates.
  • Make creative posts, videos and content, post them on social media and YouTube and also on the blog section of the website. Make sure content is created after keywords researching from Ahref, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, etc.
  • Client must set their budget and share it with the digital marketing agency. This budget will be used to run paid campaigns.
  • These paid marketing budget will be used in Guest Posting, Google Ads (PPC), Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn or TikTok marketing, Google Ads (display ads), Bing PPC, and other platforms where there is a huge traffic.

Tip: Do not waste time by creating worthless content. Worthless content is the one that people are not interested in going through it, neither searching online to find the content that you created. Every piece of content must be user-oriented, i.e., solving problems for users.

Please note, running paid campaigns is a not as easy as it seems. A Google PPC manager should have years of experience in running and managing campaigns. The same goes with Facebook paid marketing because “Facebook Ad Manager” is pretty complex and has a variety of filters, strategies and options to set the campaign accordingly. Therefore, there should be no compromise in running the paid campaigns.

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How Much Time It Takes to Mature the Paid Ad Campaigns with A Profitable ROI?

Whether it is Google or Bing PPC or Social Media Ads Campaigns, algorithms take time to learn more about the business category, type of campaigns, user behavior and experience, regions of interaction and time interactions. Once algorithms learn about your campaigns, they start delivering profitable ROI, although there are many other factors involved, such as strategy.

Time Needed for Facebook to Give Profitable ROI in Paid Campaigns

Facebook advertisement methodology is pretty different than Search Engines. Precisely, Facebook needs at least 20 days consecutively ad running to start generating ROI.

Time Needed for Google and Bing to Give Profitable ROI in PPC and Display Ad Campaigns

According surveys and experienced Horitech Solutions’ PPC experts. Google as the most advanced AI learner compared to Bing and other search engines. However, Google takes up to 2.5 months to learn bud strategy, making the campaigns mature and powerful enough to yield a huge profit. During the learning bid strategy, Google may also give sales and good number of conversions, but ROI cannot to appropriately calculated before 2.5 months of consecutively ads running.

Time Needed for Search Engine Optimization to Work

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is believed to work very slowly. However, some SEO experts know how to bring organic traffic fast, called “quick-win strategy”. First month still is pretty hard to get a significant traffic, although some strategies bring traffic in the first month if the business get some partnership or associations from other running businesses. One of strategies after completing the website and on-page optimization is to produce quality informational blogs and get them posted on high traffic websites with high DA, PA, and DR. Although posting hundreds of blogs on client site is also crucial, each blog must focus of targeted keyword that has potential to bring conversions and sales.

P.S: Normal SEO practice may take up to 6 to 7 months in getting significant results in term of traffic and conversions; where content is always a king.

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